What's the differences between sublimation textile printing & digital printing?

What's the differences between sublimation textile printing & digital printing? - GetWin Industrial Co., LTD

digital sublimation printing

Sublimation is a dyeing process for polyester material. For textile printing dye sublimation inks are printed on paper then transferred by heated calender to polyester fabric. 

Sublimation printing is performed by screen printing or inkjet digital printing. Digital printing is a method to print patterns and really has no direct correlation to digital printing. Your desktop inkjet printer is a digital printer. Sublimation inks are used in textile printing as well as others for various fabrics

As we  GetWin Industrial Co., LTD  knew, sublimation textile printing always  choose the textile material such as polyester which can bear high temperature, cotton material..etc.

For digital printing, it can print more material, it print on textile surface directly, but sublimation mostly are transfer by transfer paper.

digital sublimation printing

Sublimation transfer paper used to create custom banners, flags, curtains, lightbox graphics, light shades, clothing, home fabrics and more. Ink is deeply infused into your chosen substrate, allowing the final product to be washed, ironed, steamed, folded and exposed to the elements without a trace of lost image quality.

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