How To Deal With Original Color With Heat Sublimation Transfer Paper

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heat sublimation transfer paper

Original colour cast for many reasons, such as color film three color layer and sensitive film type under the lights shooting is not harmonious, sun slants blue, and so on, slant lubricious phenomenon will appear manuscript.

To correct the original color of methods:heat sublimation transfer paper.

1, color filter, full color, what color slants complementary can use it to correct, such as original slant blue purple can choose moderate density of yellow color filters, at the same time in the scan, a color filter and partial overlapping color manuscript after scanning at the same time to scan the roller color separation, then a high-profile may be yellow, with white balance or high-profile calibration method is correct, the method for correcting and dark tone in the partial color is valid, but note that the color filter and original timeliness, covered in false can produce interference phenomena, such as Newton's rings, etc.

2, use the method of changing levels correct the color shift. For the original color, with a record high, low density setting, if use color correction knob is still not fully correct, can adopt the method of change the level to correct the color shift, also is the middle of the use level of correction to the appropriate change the depth of the adjustment, to improve for the purpose of the original imbalance caused by the gray color. Such as the correct original slant blue purple, first determine the manuscript of the high, medium and low three parts, longteng ink factory will according to the following procedure to find the ideal of gray balance data, to carry bright green edition middle tuning method, achieve the goal of correct color. Original slant blue, such as landscape character manuscript backlight face purple etc all can use this method to solve. Slant red manuscript, can adopt the method of carry bright magenta version midtones correct the color shift.

heat sublimation transfer paper

3, with the method of the background color removal or gain correct the color shift. For colored manuscript, even if the neutral gray balance in the key of high, medium, dark tone also tend to be out of balance, if you want the other color components unchanged, and compensate the dark parts of a partial color, only can use background removal methods to solve, if it is a traditional Chinese painting is solved using background gain. Such as the original red dark color, color is used for the magenta version can remove to correct.

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