2015 Christmas gift: Sublimation Blank for Sublimation Printing (2)

2015 Christmas gift: Sublimation Blank for Sublimation Printing (2) - GetWin Industrial Co., LTD

christmas gift print

Sublimation glass photo frame  for sublimation personalized gifts with dye sublimation ink and dye sublimation paper


1.elegant design

2.High transparency, 98%

3.The surface of high hardness and gloss

4.Good processing ability, easy dyeing and processing

5.Excellent weather resistance, not easy oxidation

6.Excellent overall performance

7.Non-toxic, resistance to chemical corrosion

christmas gift print

How It works

Step1:Get image from digital camera,memory card or scanner.

Step 2:Print image with heat-transfered paper and sublimation ink

Step3:Use the dual-core heat press to heat the Rock with image paper.

Step 4: Tear off the image paper on the glass and cool some time.A special   gift will appeared in front of you.

christmas gift print
Sublimation Jewellery Wooden Box With Sublimation Tile

When giving the gorgeous jewelry boxes to family or friend as a gift, don't be surprised if they become the focus! Being incorporated with the concept of fashion and innovation, the elegant boxes are covered with a piece of sublimatable tile, giving possibility to make a unique box. Once you have decided how best to fill this wooden jewelry box, the box itself will bring strong confidence to your life!These exquisite jewelry boxes exemplify class and modernity. With the surface being painted, the wooden jewelry boxes are known for being stylish and simple.

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