Road to Sublimation Success: More About Sublimation Printing(2)

Road to Sublimation Success: More About Sublimation Printing(2) - GetWin Industrial Co., LTD

dye sublimation printing

Dye Sublimation Ink: Sublimation Fuel
The fuel for the MS-JP7 is a new 220ml closed cartridge version of Sawgrass’ SubliJet HD inks originally developed for the Virtuoso SG400 and SG800 desktop printers. With eight cartridge slots, the MS-JP7 provides flexibility depending on your primary choice of substrates. For general hard or soft substrates, I suggest going with the dual CMYK configuration that provides incredible speed and great image quality.
For hard substrate lovers (especially ChromaLuxe fans), I recommend the eight-color configuration that provides CMYK plus light colors for stunning light and mid tones. If you are unsure which configuration is right for you, contact your sublimation partner for advice. Sawgrass has indicated that down the road they would produce some other ink configurations that would include fluorescent or extended color gamut sets.

dye sublimation printing
Driving The Ms-jp7: Rip Vs. Driver
Using the Windows platform, the MS-JP7 can be driven by the included Sawgrass PowerDriver or by an optional Software RIP (my favorite is Wasatch’s SoftRIP). I’m currently working on the Mac platform solutions. As printers get bigger, the amount of data sent to the printer increases.
For smaller printers, we use the included printer driver and print directly from a graphics application such as CorelDraw. For larger printers, a software RIP is recommended. Once a design/graphic has been completed, it’s saved in a format such as PDF and then imported into the RIP program. Once there, the RIP is flexible in the way it controls the layout of the print job so that you can make the most of your paper.
In addition to print layout, RIPs also provide superior performance and color management for the printer. one downside of RIPs is the cost, although it may be worth it from a performance and work flow point of view.

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