Description Of Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper And High Tacky Transfer Paper

Description Of  Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper And High Tacky Transfer Paper - GetWin Industrial Co., LTD

dye sublimation transfer paper

Dye sublimation transfer paper we refer is is the carrier for the dye sublimation ink to be brought to your item.With it, you can workwork clearly  and precisely and sublimation paper needs to hold the image well and release the ink easily.It is worth mentioned that Sublimation papers have been tested and worked successfully on most brands of inkjet printing.
Description Of Sublimation Transfer Paper:
1. Fast dry and highest ink release
2. Work on all inkjet printers
3. Best color performance by over 92% transfer rate
4. Extremely diverse range of sizes and lengths to select from 
5. Can be applied to fabric,cups,ceramic,metal,flag,and many DIY designs
However,what is high tacky sublimation paper?The high quality full sticky paper has an adequate volume of stickness on the whole paper surface which couples stably the fabric and sublimation paper while heat pressing process.

dye sublimation transfer paper
 Description Of Sticky Sublimation Transfer Paper:

1. High quality sublimation sticky transfer paper
2. Suitful stickiness on surface of transfer paper
3. Removing the shadow effect
4. Stable coupling of transfer paper
5. Best color performance by 95% transfer rate
6. Mainly applied to fabric, like sportswear, cycling jerseys
Not only sublimation transfer paper but sticky sublimation paper,one important thing to keep in mind is that sublimation transfer paper must be printed by dye sublimation ink, Could not use on the 100% pure cotton textile.

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