What Kind Of Supplies And Components Are Required For Sublimation Printing?(1)

What Kind Of Supplies And Components Are Required For Sublimation Printing?(1) - GetWin Industrial Co., LTD

 3d sublimation machine

Sublimation, It is the method of applying a dye printed image to a specially coated surface like ceramics, metals and polyester cloth, using three main ingredients: Sublimation ink, transfer paper, heat and pressure. 
3D sublimation vacuum heat press machines: The vacuum heat pressing machine types vacuum about the printed solution, this way the transfer paper covers the product completely smoothly even on rough or curved surfaces. With this process three dimensional objects could be printed in outstanding photo good quality. Comparable to the combo machines this machine is also multi-purpose, since it is able to heat-treat mugs, plates and flat objects too.

digital transfer paper
Roll sublimation heat transfer machine:

Excellent for largescale, roll sublimation textile printing. In on the internet mode it continuously transfers sublimation ink into the surface of textilerolls under the largeformat printer. You'll find two varieties of heat transfer machines: heating drum machines (so-called calanders) and heatransfer machines with infrared heating components. 
Dye sublimation transfer paper:

Dye sublimation transfer paper is mostly very week against moisture. To protect unused papers, it is recommended to store the papers in its original packaging with inner poly bag at 59-86degree F / 15-30degree C and 30-50% RH.Dye sublimation paper could be the most superior sort of paper that has bought the high requirements within the printing pattern and changes the boring style of printing.

dye sublimation ink
Dye sublimation ink:

The sublimation ink is carefully designed and through strict quality control process. Strict production process and multilevel filtration system remove any unwanted particulates if existed in the ink. The realcolor ink is never clog the printer head. 

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