Digital Sublimation Printing Paper On Textile

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sublimation on textile

Dye-sublimation is controlled by heat, if you looked at the print closely you won’t see any dots, this is because the dots are lost in the process of transferring. The method can be applied to sheets of coated paper stock or printed direct onto the fabric.
Sublimation paper is a high quality inkjet paper. There is no specifically designed paper for sublimation. Dye Sublimation, believe it or not can be done using regular bond paper, however the result would not be too good. It works well on all types of products and garments. With the correct time, pressure and heat it releases nearly 90% of the ink from the paper. This is one of the highest release rates of all papers.

sublimation on textile
It is then heat pressed or flatbed pressed to the materials temperature. Textiles are made for this technique being a porous substance whereas boards, ceramics or hard items would need a special coating to accept the Dye-sublimation print.
The main bonus to this technique though is the material being washable, this is why we use dye-sublimation on our promotional branded tablecloths, washable, water repellant and they are very durable products.

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