Sublimation Paper For Flat Screen Printing Machine (2)

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flat screen printing machine

The flat bed,Cylinder,rotary are three kinds of screen printing presses.Now we will talk about these presses.Flat bed is one of the most widely used types of screen printing. The flat bed and the cylinder press have the same features that are they both use flat screens as well as a three step reciprocating process of performing the printing operation.The screen is moved onto the substrate, then the squeegee is pressed on the mesh and taken over the image area, and finally the screen is taken away from the substrate thus ensuring the completion of the process. Using the flat-bed press the thing to be printed is placed on a horizontal print bed parallel to the screen. In case of the cylinder press the thing to be printed is placed on the cylinder.

flat screen printing machine

These presses are developed to facilitate a continuous, high speed web printing. The screens in these presses are very thin metal cylinders. The cylinders are open ended and they are covered at both the ends and these covers are fitted in blocks in the side of the press. In the course of printing the ink is pumped into through one end of the cylinder so that there is continuous inflow of the ink. The squeegee is a continuous free floating bar inside the cylinder. The pressure of the squeegee is maintained by the magnet bars which are placed under the press bed. These are most often used for printing textiles, wallpapers and other substances which require unbroken continuous patterns.

flat screen printing machine

One disadvantage with screen printing is that you need a separate stencil and mesh for every color of your design. Because of this, the design that you can print using screen printing may be limited as compared to using heat pressing. Another disadvantage of screen printing is that it may cause a mess since you are handling textile paints and inks which can spill or run on your shirt especially if you do not apply it carefully.

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