How Sublimation Textile Printing Work With Dye Sublimation Ink

How Sublimation Textile Printing Work With  Dye Sublimation Ink - GetWin Industrial Co., LTD

sublimation printing process

First, the fabric on which we're going to print have to be white because the sublimation process can not work on colored fabrics.After that you will go to print on paper, with the dye sublimation ink, the subject desired graphic that will be placed in the reverse position (specular) than the desired effect, thereby obtaining a sheet transfer said technically.The operation of heat transfer takes place by placing the transfer sheet in contact with the fabric to be decorated under the floor of a hot press that will uniformly adhere the paper to the fabric for a given time at a temperature which can vary from 180 to 210 ° C.The ink printed on the sheet, due to the sublimation will turn into gas and the image will move permanently and indelibly on the synthetic fiber fabric.

sublimation printing process

What can you print with this process?With this system you are going to print print most of sportswear in the cycling field and football, many synthetic fabrics for furniture, flags and advertising gadgets.Were made with this technique, the characters of brown color engraved on the keys in cream color, already assembled in the keyboard of the personal computer products for the AT & T by Olivetti.

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