Direct transfers (Dye sublimation) vs iron-on transfers (t-shirt transfers )

Direct transfers (Dye sublimation) vs iron-on transfers (t-shirt transfers ) - GetWin Industrial Co., LTD

dye sublimation printing

Iron-on transfers can be used for similar application as dye sublimation, but the processes are quite different.
Iron-on transfers (t-shirt transfers ) are special adhesive sheets which are first printed on, then cut out and ironed onto the blanks (t-shirts) with heat. The transfer sheet STAYS glued to the fabric. You can use almost any printer and ink to print reasonable quality transfers, but for more permanent and professional looking prints, use an Epson printer and HT (high temperature) pigment ink combination.
Note: HT ink doesn't "burn" as readily as regular inkjet ink, colours don't change when heat is applied and the print is more permanent as well.  Contact us for more info and/or to buy HT ink, sublimation transfer paper etc (not listed here).

dye sublimation printing
Dye sublimation (direct transfer) images are printed onto special paper, which is then heated and pressed against the blank for pre-set time. This causes some of the ink to vaporize, permeate the fabric and stick to it's fibres. The 'thermal transfer' sheet is then DISCARDED.  Scroll down to buy dye sublimation DS ink. 

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