Sublimation Uniforms with dye sublimation printing

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dye sublimation printing

Employers often expect their personnel to wear a uniform. It makes them look professional and promotes employee recognisability and visibility. To personalise this workwear it is best to use a Roland DG printer or cutter. With these digital machines it costs as much for making a unique item as for creating a whole set. This is because any print or cutting order can include a variable text (e.g. a name, division, personnel number) or image. 

dye sublimation printingyou can personalise your workwear with heat transfers or sublimation prints. Depending on the desired technique, Roland DG always offers you the ideal device. For heat transfers, for instance, choose a printer with a built-in cutting function. Your prints are then cut out immediately so they can be directly affixed to clothing with a heat press. If you choose the sublimation technique, the Texart RT-640 is the ideal printer. The ink is transferred to the fabric via a calendar system. Unlike heat transfers, the printer material is not transferred when using sublimation, only the ink.

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