The Process Of Sublimation Printing

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dye sublimation printing

Sublimation - Sublimation Printing Services Sublimation is the process by which an image printed on paper is transferred to another surface. Unlike conventional inks, sublimation inks are converted directly from a solid to a gas under heat and pressure, causing them to bond with fibers of synthetic materials such as polyester. The molecules of the ink revert to a solid state upon cooling, permanently staining the surface of the polyester. Sublimation works great for printing full color picture

The Process

Sublimation is a printing transfer process which uses heat sensitive dye sublimation inks to permanently dye synthetic fabrics.
The process, which is called "Dye Sublimation", involves the use of a special heat sensitive dye to print your design onto paper.  The printed paper is then placed with the synthetic fabric into a heat press and pressed for a pre determined period.
The sublimation cycle transfers the design from the paper to the fabric.  Sublimation is always done on synthetic materials and at high temperatures..

dye sublimation printing

What Does This Mean For Your Printed Garments?

As the sublimation printing process actually dyes the garment, the colour is "in" the fabric and not on top, as is the case with traditional screen printing methods..  This gives a much better feel to the garment, as well as colour fastness and the ability to print unlimited colours.

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