Why Digital Sublimation Printing

                                                            Why Digital Sublimation Printing?

     Why Digital Sublimation Printing? Direct inkjet printing and digital sublimation printing are the two main types of printing used on textiles. Digital sublimation printing does not require a processing program. It takes images from a digital camera or scanner and allows you to create colorful, vivid images directly on your computer. You can then use a printer with sublimation ink to print the image onto the textile of your choice with a sublimation press machine.

digital printer
digital printing     

     Digital  sublimation printing transfers an image onto fabric based on the characteristic of dispersed dyes that can sublimate fewer than 150 to 230. Then, based on the designed image, it prints dispersed dyes to a special transfer paper. The transfer paper with the image then faces the fabric, and with the right temperature, pressure and time, the dye is transferred onto the fabric.
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