The Adcantages Of Sublimation Printing

The Adcantages Of  Sublimation Printing - GetWin Industrial Co., LTD

dye sublimation printing

Sublimation printing also enables the production of "all over prints" which allows your design to extend across the whole garment.
Sports that routinely use sublimated clothing include Australian Rules Football, Cycling, Cricket, Netball, Hockey, Touch, Lacrosse, Rugby and Soccer.
Sponsors' Logos - the number of logos is limited only by the space on the garment and there is no extra charge for these as they form part of the design.  By contrast screen printed or embroidered logos can add significantly to the cost of the garment.

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Design Freedom - The only limitation is your imagination! Sublimated garments far outstrip embroidered, screen printed or other conventional garments in their impact.
Durability - the colours are brilliant, and due to the heat setting process will not crack or fade with time
Definition of "Design Colours"As only white fabrics are suitable for dye sublimation printing, any "white" that you see in a sublimated design will actually be unprinted fabric, thereby making white a "free" colour.
Consequently, a "One Colour Design" refers to one colour other than white.  Thus club colours of say Red and White will actually be a one colour design for sublimation printing purposes.  Similarly, Red, Blue and White will be a “Two Colour Design” and Red, Blue, Green and White will be a “Three Colour Design”.

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