Dye sublimation Printing for Ceramics, Metal, Glass, etc.(1)

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Can dye sublimation printing be used on glass, metal, and/or ceramics?
Answer: Yes, but only with the right treatment. There are polymeric sprays that you can treat various materials with that create the right surface for dye sublimation printing.
Custom Ceramic printing
Dye sublimation printing is perhaps one of the best and most effective printing methods available today, as well as being a cost-effective print method that produces high quality and long lasting and satisfying graphics on a wide variety of materials, from glass, ceramics, and metal to various polymer based fabrics.
Of course, it is best to print dye sublimation to white or at least close to white substrates. Whether you’re printing mesh baseball caps, polyester patches, ceramic plates, mouse pads, license plates, MDF hardboard (like a clipboard), ceramic tiles, jackets/shirts, beverage insulators, poly calendars, doll patches, banners, flags, displays, polyester fabric posters, metal clock faces, key chains, plastic coasters, photo plates, etc.

sublimation transfer paper
All of these are available in white or off-white materials and with that being the case, it is simple to print with beautiful continuous tone dye sub printing.
There are a couple different main sizes of printers for dye sublimation printing. The larger, wider format printers are mostly used for fabric printing, which includes clothing fabrics as well as display fabrics.

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