Why Dye Sublimation Printing of Fabric Banners Looks Better Than Printed Vinyl Banners

Why Dye Sublimation Printing of Fabric Banners Looks Better Than Printed Vinyl Banners

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I’ve written several articles about dye sublimation printing, but this short article will deal specifically with dye sublimation banners, how they’re done, exactly where our clients are applying them, and why you might need to take into consideration upgrading your banner purchase from vinyl displays. And why they might actually be less costly than those made from vinyl in the extended run.
In 1991, pretty much 20 years ago now, at the age of 31, I produced the plunge into the sign, banner, decal, and display market. We had a quite superior client base from yet another business, so we launched into the enterprise which I managed for my Dad. We lasted about 10 years collectively, but inside the aftermath of 9/11 we slumped badly, so we closed down in early 2003. I went on to attempt some things I’d wanted to attempt business-wise for about six months, and then launched Visigraph, though not officially till early 2004.

digital textile printing
In those days, the sign organization had just gone via a revolution for the previous decade brought on by the vinyl plotter. No longer did you might want to painstakingly study ways to letter a signage, you might just plug type into your laptop or computer on applications like FlexiSign or Gerber, and send it to a vinyl plotter, weed it, apply it, and you had an instant banner! Sign painters fought the new technologies, no less than some did, and they identified that individuals could no longer afford their higher finish hand-painted indicators for the most portion, once they could get a decent seeking 1 for half the price tag created from vinyl.
At my Dad’s enterprise inside the ’90’s, we have been fortunate enough to possess some quite tech savvy personnel who could spot a trend…in 1998, there have been two trends we saw that we were pretty confident had been revolutionary. The very first was the world wide web. We put a web page up on the net in 1998 when yahoo.com had 500 websites on it…we were the first sign company on yahoo.com as far as I know. The second trend we saw was wide format digital printing. We purchased our initial roll-to-roll digital printer in 2000. By 2005, a lot of providers produced the plunge, purchasing wide format printers as we located that it was less complicated to print a major decal and mount it to a sign board than to vinyl letter signs, along with the pricing could stay somewhat low as well.

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