The difference between the sublimation ink and others

The difference between the sublimation ink and others

dye sublimation ink

Sublimation ink is mainly used for heating the transfer of printed products,a clear pattern and text can be printed on other products by thermal sublimation ink heated by heat transfer machine .So it is one of the essential material thermal industry, Sublimation ink is a disperse dye ink, it belongs to the water-based ink.

dye sublimation ink
sublimation ink compared with other ink, pigment ink and water-based ink,heat transfer ink color of fresh thick, dense and high,image clarity,color reproduction and high.
It works like this: the dye-sublimation phenomenon of sublimationr ink under high temperature, the dye on paper from a solid directly into a gas at high temperature,so that the color is transferred from the transfer paper to be transferred the surface of the article.

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