Hot New:Sublimation 3D Vacuum Heat Press

                                                                 Hot New:Sublimation 3D Vacuum Heat Press
      It helps to fully sublimate curved products using an air-forced vacuum and thin silicon pad. Vacuum press allows you to create phone cases, tiles, and more with all-over sublimation (additional inserts or jigs may be necessary). Perfect for curved products that don’t work easily in flat heat presses, like flasks and shot glasses! With an oven-like heating system, your products will have even heating and pressure without worries that the product may break or bend!

vacuum press

     What's more,it saves time and money with one heat press that can be used for products that usually require additional presses or wraps! The 3D Vacuum Press can easily go from imprinting on coasters anad plaques to mugs, shot glasses and flasks!

     More info,here.

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3d vacuum heat press

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