Large Format Digital Printer For Fabric & Banner(1)

large format printerLarge Format Digital Printer For Fabric & Banner(1)

     Large format digital printing machine industrial textile inkjet printer
     1. High speed
     The maximum printing speed is up to 17 square metres per hour,which can meet the needs of batch printing.
     2. Widespread applications
     Using the latest colour control and management system.
     Acid ink can be used to print on silk and chinlon, while active ink can be used for cotton.
     At the same time, paint and dispersive fuel can be used to print on terylene and synthetc fiber.

large format printer
     3. A rich colour range
     Can use double-six colour to print. Soft tones and textured, natural colour transition can be achieved when combine colour CMYK with light cyan or light pink. Adding orange or green to colour CMYK can display a broader colour range as well as match with cyan confidently. The use of variable ink droplet control technology makes it possible to produce three kinds of tiny ink droplet of different sizes. State-of-art technology provides really amazing output. Even high-speed printing can be achieved together with a nice, smooth and particleless tone transition. Combination of RCR with variable ink droplet technology makes the most particular clients accept products of excellent quality.
     4. High-speed production-level printhead
     With 360 nozzles per colour jetting at the same time, and each printing machine is equipped with a 1-inch high-precision nozzle.

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