Large Format Digital Printer For Fabric & Banner(2)

Large Format Digital Printer For Fabric & Banner(2)


   large format printer

5. High-speed data processing and transmission
     Ethernet 100 BASE-TX and bi-directional parallel interface transmission, the two data transmission modes are simple and efficient.

large format printer
     6. Adopt professional RIP
     RIP and printing output processing simutaniously can be achieved, which greatly improved the production efficiency. It is compatible with postscript language, photoshop, coreldraw, llustrator and Freehand. Supporting TIF, JPEG, EPS, PS, PDF, DCS2.0 and other file formats.
     7. Professional channel control technology
     Can bring each channel under control, and ensure colour consistency of digital printing and flat screen, round screen printing.
     8. Adopt davanced conduction band transmission device and automatic correction compilation unit. Installation of printhead lifting device can adapt to a variety of fabrics.
     9. Fabrics loading, feeding, printing, drying and rolling are integrated in one procedure, which is quick and easy.
     10. Equipped with advanced laser testing institutions, can provide alerts to remind fabric flatness.
     Textile,flag,poster,banner, tablecloth,wall pictures,interior decoration, indoor and outdoor printing etc.

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