The Feature Of Korea Inktec Dye Sublimation Ink (1)

   The Feature  Of  Korea Inktec Dye Sublimation Ink (1)

  dye sublimation ink
InkTec Sublimation Ink dye sublinova ink for Epson/mutoh/roland/mimaki
Wholesale high resolution korea inktec dye Sublimation ink
1)Bright colors
2)High quality ink
3)Never clogging the printer head
 dye sublimation ink
Our sublimation ink has high stability and never clogged the printing head.
Perfect color turation and deoxidization.
Wide color gamut and vivid color performation up to the original inks.
Heat transfer ink for epson and mimakican transfer various images to plastics,ceremics,polyester,mugs.t-shirt etc.
Heat transfer ink for epson and mimakihas good performance.
The colors for the inks are bright and the water fastness and light fastness can reach 4 to 5 classes

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