Roll Sublimation Transfer Paper for Rotary Heat Press Machine

Roll Sublimation Transfer Paper for Rotary Heat Press Machine 

roll heat transfer machine

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Roll to Roll Heat transfer Machine

The commodity in detail introduced of heat transfer machine

1. The wool blanket is separated from the type, uses US to import "Dupont" the raw material

2. The large capacity heat conduction oil, the constant temperature effect is good, continuously transfers India

3. The diameter 420 big drums, transfer the India speed to be quick

4. Frequency changer velocity modulation, frequency conversion velocity modulation electrical machinery

5. The carbon brush electric conduction heats up

6. Automatically puts the paper, the cloth and receives the paper, the cloth

roll heat transfer machine

large size bearings, auto heating system of the easily wore parts that is convenient to maintain.

The material of felt is adopted that from dubang USA.

The material of the transmission roller is adopted Japan made

Deploying alternative power supply system according to requirement, to replace the imitating imported felt separating structure, to avoid the defects that resulted from manual felt-adjusting.

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