Inktec Sublimation Inks For T-shirt Printing

Inktec Sublimation Inks For T-shirt Printing

inktec sublimation ink

Brief Introduction:

Dye ink for use in Mimaki printers with bulk-ink systems is formulated with UV inhibitors for added durability. Awide color gamut allows for bright,vibrant colors.Dye Sublimation ink is perfect quality.


The characteristic of InkTec SubliNova brand sublimation ink:

1. Using high-quality imported raw materials, fine particles, the average size of 0.2um, fluency, not clogging the print head, suitable for continue printing;

2. The unique formula of environmental protection, not damage the print head;

3. Transfer-tested, rubbing wear color fastness 5, perspiration-resistant color fastness 5, 5 color fastness to water, direct contact with the skin, not harmful to humans;

4. Proof of professional treatment, colorful screen, and fine reducibility.

inktec sublimation inks

5. Strong water proof ability, long-term display ability can be printed on transfer paper

6. The top grade sublimation inks can be used on mug/plate/garment/glass/metal/flag and so on

7. The sublimation inkjet inks will keep the printer head clean, so there is no broken line in long term printing. All of this will improve the reliability, productivity, and efficiency of your printing machine.

8. More than 18 months outdoor durability.

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