Dye Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper For Sublimation Ink

Dye Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper For Sublimation Ink

digital textile printing

Heat transfer paper is of outstanding whiteness, stability, durability, used which you can print any images you like and then transferring to the mugs, cups, caps, metals, light color fiber T-shirts, cotton T-shirts contained cotton no more than 30%, etc.Environmental persevering and color performance; compatible with all kinds of inkjet printers with piezo printhead and print image with sublimation inks. 

dye sublimation printing

• Using dye sublimation ink.

• Printed image by printer with pizeo printhead like epson printer.

• Fine strength, without breaking, fragilizing, coking and shrinking.

 • Fine flatness of surface.

 • Widely used for light color fiber cloth,ceramic mugs and plates, metal sheet,etc.


• Bright color under lighting or delighting. 

• Outstanding ink fixations. 

• No ink-remaining. 

• High mutual permeability. 

• Fine flatness. 

• Edge acuity. 

• Good performance of black bronze.

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