Large Format Heat Transfer Machine for dye sublimation printing

 Large Format Heat Transfer Machine for dye sublimation printing

large format heat transfer machine

The oil warming blanket is the latest technology on the separation process of the digital thermal transfer printing machines.Increase on the peripheral temperature is a fast process so the heat is even in the entire unit.Operation efficiency is 2 to 3 times faster than before.                                    

 There is no need to cool the machine the blanket can be separated with the barrel.            

The tension of the blanket can be easily adjusted.                                            

 A convenient operation failure power function is included in the machine.                  

  Speed control frequency.                                                                     

Automatic cooling function.                                                                   

High efficiency and energy saving up to 40% less than ordinary oil based power.
Characteristics: Large Format Heat Transfer Machine with the separation barrel option, wide working size space, width 65" (1650mm) which makes the printing process more suitable for the entire roll of fabric.

large format heat transfer machine
Application: Large Format Heat Transfer Machine is suitable for printing an entire roll of fabric, seat pad, foot pad, back pad, sleeping bag, handicraft fans, umbrellas, hanging painting and all kinds of fabrics can also be ironed, pressed and folded. 

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