Roll tacky sublimation paper for garment printing

Roll tacky sublimation paper for garment printing

roll tacky sublimation paper


1) Work on all inkjet printers, sublimation printer,indoor printer 

2) Special ink : Use sublimation ink to print

 3) Transfer the printed transfer paper  to fabric textile with good results 

4) Bright color, washable 

 5) Note: This paper must be printed by dye sublimation ink, Could not use on the 100% pure cotton textile,if you want to transfe polyester cotton fabric or t shirt garment, the cotton compostion should be less then 40%.

 6) Sublimation Paper specialized paper for sublimation ink, natural color, transfer rate highly to 99%.

roll tacky sublimation paper


1. what is the sublimation transfer printing:

Heat sublimation transfer printing is using sublimation ink, sublimation printer to print image such as portrait, landscape, text etc by reversal way on the sublimation transfer paper, and then heated to a temperature of about 200 ℃ with heat transfer equipment, sublimation ink which is on paper will be in the form of gasification into substrates, so as to put the paper on the vivid images to transfer to textiles, porcelain, porcelain plate, metal material of a new technology. 

 2. Printers used:Normal inkjet printers, sublimation inkjet printer.Wide inkjet printers: Epson,Roland, Mutoh, Bncad, Mimaki etc... 

3. special sublimation ink:Must use sublimation ink, this kind of ink made of disperse dye inks, it will produce sublimation and substrates with dyeing after high temperature, good quality ink is no plug nozzle, the sublimation ink color is vivid, good stability. 

4. adjust the appropriate concentration of color:Adjust the concentration of the color in the computer, avoid the ink is too dry, need to check the effect of transfer after adjustment. 

 5. adjust appropriate heat pressing temperature and time:Heat transfer in the temperature range of about 165 ℃-220℃, time of about 10 to 30 seconds, you should try small sample printing before the formal mass transfer.

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