Equipment Materials For Sublimation Printing?

Equipment  Materials For Sublimation Printing?

digital sublimation printing

Sublimation paper transfer is more and more popular nowadays in the whole world , the reason is not only it solves the problem that polyester can not be dyed with pigment in dyeing factory, but also due to the transfer process is very easy , investment capital is also cheaper than others, like scree printing, silk printing etc.

digital sublimation printing
he whole sublimation process including :

1, Design your image with Photoshop , CorelDRAW, or Adobe lllustrator.

2. After your design if finished , print your image (mirror printing)with an ink-jet printer(like Epson, Mimaki etc) that use dye sublimation ink, with sublimation paper.  

3. When the sublimation transfer paper completely dries, transfer the image to the substrate with the heat press(Flat or Roll heat press, mug heat press, 3D heat press etc). The whole process is finished. Sounds very easy, right ? Now let’s discuss the equipment separately .

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