Tell You More about Sublimaiton Printing Industry

Tell You More about Sublimaiton Printing Industry

    dye sublimation printing


Sublimation Printing is a very popular digital printing technique that finds tremendous usage in textile industry.Dye Sublimation paper is a critical element of creating quality sublimated items. Sublimation paper, like Beaver TexPrint XP sublimation paper, is coated so it will not absorb the sublimation inks and will release the sublimation inks from the sublimation paper easily with the use of a heat press. Additionally, tacky sublimation paper such as Beaver TexPrint Tacky sublimation paper is coated with a light tacky coating which keeps the sublimation paper in place during the heat transfer process.

dye sublimation printing
  Sublimation ink can print and transfer to coated media through thermal transfer device. With transfer machine and heat transfer paper, it is possible to transfer customized style to surfboard, all kinds of promotional gifts and artwork. Heat transfer paper is definitely the carrier for the ink to be brought for your item; you wish it to function clearly and precisely. The paper requires to hold the image well and release the ink effortlessly. Our dye sublimation papers have already been tested and work effectively on most brands of inkjet printing systems with dye sublimation inks.
    High glossy inkjet photo paper can offer you the highest color gamut. It's a perfect medium for everyday photo print. It can give clear, vivid and premium quality color to printed photographic images. Our higher glossy inkjet photo paper is waterproof as well as the ink on it'll dry speedily.High glossy inkjet photo paper with sticker is ideal for wide format inkjet printers, plotters, and desktop inkjet printers.Higher glossy inkjet photo paper with sticker is often a sort of cast coated paper of a vibrant white and glossy surface with higher brightness and whiteness for photo paper,text printing,house or office use, consumer and professional output, advertisement. It has great compatibility with pigmented inks and also the photos on this paper will dry super rapid.

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