The differences between Digital Textile Printing and Screen Textile Printing?

The differences between Digital Textile Printing and Screen Textile Printing?

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The art of textile printing dates back to centuries ago, ever since mankind discovered the aesthetic difference that could be brought about to fabrics through printing. Over the years, many diverse methods of textile printing have been introduced, and broadly speaking today, the choice is between digital textile printing and the relatively more traditional screen printing. Let’s have a look at the factors that can help make a decision between the two methods, depending upon the needs of the business.
Generally speaking, it is felt that the quality of imaging offered by screen printing is superior to that given by digital printing. This is due to the method applied, which necessitates the ink to be absorbed deeply and therefore more long-lasting. Images tend to be sharper due to the stencils used, and do not fade soon. 
 In this aspect, digital screen printing has a definite edge over screen printing. This is because it allows the use of several colors in a single image, unlike screen printing, which requires separate screens for separate colors. So if the order calls for vibrant, colorful imagery to be printed, digital printing is the way to go. 

digital textile printing
 Simply put, screen printing does not have any provision for customization. This is where digital printing offers a big advantage, since it can actually enable tailor-made printing according to one’s design requirements. The colors that can be used are practically unlimited. Photographs and high-resolution imagery also show up beautifully in digital prints

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