How to Use Sublimation Paper with Sublimation Printing

How to Use Sublimation Paper with Sublimation Printing

Today, I want to talk something about dye sublimation. As we all known,  dye sublimation is the transferof special inks to a variety of polyester-coated materials. In doing so, the sublimation dye is convertedfrom a solid state to gas at a temperature of approx. 200°C.

Procedure:A mirror image of the print design is printed on dye sublimation paper using dye sublimation inks in a suitableinkjet printer. Afterwards, the image is affixed to the polyester-coated material with the aid of a Teflonadhesive tape. The print design is then transferred using a transfer press, such as INTRON COLOR PRESS,for flat materials and INTRON MUG 2000 for cups and mugs.
Applications:Sublimation printing is used primarily for printing on ceramics. With this process it is possible to createdishwasher-safe high gloss cups and mugs with multicolored designs in quantities starting with one in anaffordable manner.
Moreover, our printable metal signs and plates can be used to create permanent calendars with this process.

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