Dye Sublimation Ink for Sublimation Textile Pritning

Dye Sublimation Ink for Sublimation Textile Pritning

dye sublimation ink

Bulk dye sublimation ink systems are the most cost efficient method to use in sublimationprinting. The reasons and concepts are simple.Using just cartridges is very expensive because they hold very little ink and when that is used up, you throw the cartridge away and replace it with a new one.A bulk ink system is like having a big “transfusion” of ink and the cartridge is never thrown away.A line of tubing is attached to each cartridge in the printer.
Each line runs out of the printer and attaches to a separate color of ink.As you print, each cartridge draws ink from its respective color and refills itself. When it is empty, you refill that color or replace the bag depending on the system you have. Either way the cartridgeis not replaced and you keep the savings.This is because the electronic chips on the cartridge can be reset (unlike the ones on standard cartridges). Neat! And it really helps save money.

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Each bulk ink system is sent with the physical bulk ink apparatus, the ink (depending upon how many colors the printer uses), the color management system and a hundred sheet box of dye sublimation paper.The exception to a bulk ink system are printers like the Epson 4800. The cartridges for that printer are just as big (110 mil and 220 mil) so they are just as cost effective.

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