The Descriptions of Anti-curl Fast Dry Sublimation Transfer Paper(2)

The Descriptions of Anti-curl Fast Dry Sublimation Transfer Paper(2)

fast dry sublimation paper



method: inkjet Print

Resolution: 360dpi  720dpi  1440dpi 2280dpi

Inks: dye-based ink ,Water Based ink              

 Printing width: 160CM, 180cm, 320cm etc(width)Power: U220V                  

 Ink system: C / M / Y / K 4 colors     

Notice: DBX- printer professional microsoft will be supplied and after sales-service for one year.


fast dry sublimation paper


1) Preheat press to 375o - 400o F.

2) Press garment for 3-5 seconds to release moisture and remove wrinkles.

3) Place your printed image face down.

4) Use heat transfer paper to secure the paper on to the blank.

5) Place Teflon or Parchment paper sheet on top of the dye sublimation paper.

6) For fabric sublimations press at 400o for 35 seconds at medium pressure. For the iPhone Cover press at 356° for 120 seconds with medium pressure.

7) When the time is finished open the press and quickly remove the transfer.


• Turn the garment inside out.  

 • Wash in COLD water.   

• Use a mild detergent for best results.  

 • Do not use bleach or bleach alternative detergents.  

 • Remove the garment promptly from the washer. The color may bleed if left in the washer.

• Dry on LOW temperature.

fast dry sublimation paper


1.Apply for varieties production;

2.Simple craft, printout directly without plate-making, process short, save time and effort;

3.Making exquisite products, you can transfer your favorite pictures and images to full cotton and other textiles;

4.Can print characteristic T-shirts, hats, gym suits, sweater bags and many other things;

5.Has the color keep and repeated washing.

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