Rotary Heat Press Machine

                                                        Rotary Heat Press Machine
rotary heat press
    It is a self-contained oil heated drum is specially designed to meet the increasing demand for high quality ink jet dye sublimation transfer technology. It is also perfectly suitable for print fixation on direct printed textiles.

    1. 8" Diameter Drum
    2. Production 0,91 m/min (1 yard/min) at 40 second dwell time
    3. Automatic belt tracking system. No air is required.
    4. Oil heated cylinder with 2 electronic thermostats. One controls the oil temperature and the other, the outside surface of the drum
    5. Digital adjustable speed control
    6. Automatic cool-down system turns off machine when temperature reaches 90°C
    7. 2 Mechanical clutch unwinds for roll to roll
    8. Electric Requirements 220/1 phase, 30 Amps
    9. Average consumption 16 Amps
    10. Belt size 120 cm (47")
    11. Net weight 800 kg / 1760 lbs
    12. Dimensions 96 X 186 X 125 cm – 38" x 73" x 49"

    The rotary heat presses with the new oil-heated drum system will increase production, reduce seconds, and save on energy costs. High productivity, quality engineering design and conscientious after-the sales service are all good reasons for investing in this heat press for all your dye-sub printing or textile dye fixation needs.

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