Sublimation Digital Printing with Sublimation Paper & Ink

 Sublimation Digital Printing with Sublimation Paper & Ink

digital sublimation printing

Digital sublimation Textile Printing

Our company is offering quality services for Digital Textile Printing. We alwaysmaintain our standard in digital textile printing and timely delivery to our valuablecustomers. Our services involve wide exploration in creating multiple fabric sheets with a wide range of traditional and modern designs. We allow our designer to printdigital printing on textile in India with international quality solutions at par withinternational standards.
Direct Digital Print To Garment

Direct inkjet transfer method is the direct dye sublimation ink jet transfer method is direct transfer, or printing directly onto fabric with an inkjet printer. In this processthe fabrics require to be coated in order to effectively allow the inks or dyes. It is sometimes expensive but this kind of printing is also demanding because it has own importance.

digital sublimation printing
Digital Color Printing

By taking advantage of the well experienced and highly creative team of professional, we areable to provided Digital Color Printing Services. Our team designed our color printing processesand mechanism which are eco-friendly. Our digital printing process team provides the complete components right from the selection of dyes sublimation paper to the final output offering brilliant and superb coloring across a myriad of fabrics. At the RCPL, We ensure the best colorsand superior color fastness.
Applications of Digital Textile Printing:

- Simple or polo shirts

- Shirts for bands

- Shirts

- Hoodies

- Bags

- Any tailored pieceWhen calculating a fair price we take into account the size and the coverage of the design.

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