The Facts on Sublimation Printing Paper (2)

The Facts on Sublimation Printing Paper (2)

sublimaiton printing paper

Gold and Silver Metal ImprintsMany award companies use gold and silver metallic colors in their logos and graphics. Although these colors will imprint, the background color will interfere with the imprint colors. For these types of projects, one may want to consider single-color laser sublimation or full-color laser sublimation methods.
Inkjet Sublimation Information

Inkjet sublimation is another imprinting process that offers great possibilities. It can be a start-up business by itself and an excellent opportunity for an existing business to further diversify, by offering their customers a broader selection of products.There is no question, that in today's market, opportunities abound for the hard-working entrepreneur. Those who learn the tools of this trade and offer their customers quality products, produced with inkjet sublimation, can earn good money and have fun.
As with our other informational web sites, the purpose of this site is to provide you with imprinting information. The specific information on this site is about inkjet sublimation and imprinting on fabrics, mousepads, mugs, tiles, etc. Your detailed tour will provide the critical information that you need to decide what the best choices are for you.

sublimation printing paper
Bear with us on this tour, as we teach you about sublimation, dye sublimation inks, sublimation transfer paper, sublimation products and heat presses. The more you learn the better your chances for success.Yes, like any other company, we have to provide excellent products and service, to survive. However, we thrive, because we believe in building great relationships with our friends and customers.We think the best place to start is by providing good information, so you can make good decisions.

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