The Right Photo Printer Paper for Your Pictures

The Right Photo Printer Paper for Your Pictures

glossy photo paper

Photo printer paper is classified according to size, texture, thickness, and opacity. Pictures are demanded in several sizes as per a person’s needs, varying from passport size to portrait size. The different types of photo printer paper textures include gloss, semi gloss, matte and canvas. Gloss and semi-gloss papers are perfect for beginners and it gives extremely rich colours making the photograph stand out. However, the downside to this type of paper is that the (more…)
Photo Printer Paper: 5 Things to Consider when Buying Photo Printer Paper Gone are the days when you had to take your photo reel to a shop to have it developed. In this modern era, cameras have been digitised and memory sticks have taken the place of photo reels. You no longer have to trek to your high street to develop pictures of your holiday: you can now do it in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer, printer, camera and, most importantly, photo printer paper. Photo printer paper is high quality paper designed for photographs, which require high-quality print-outs.

glossy photo paper
You can’t really judge the colour quality immediately the print is produced, as, although some change more than others, they all change a little. Canon prints are the worst for this, often emerging looking slightly flat and with a magenta colour cast, but, after about 20 minutes, the magenta fades, the blacks deepen and you start to see the real result. Epson prints tend to lose a little saturation and end up slightly lighter than they first appear. So you have to wait. So if you’re making your own tests, or printing some really important photographs, wait at least 15 minutes, longer if possible, before making any fine adjustments to colour.
Printing photographs is a completely different ballgame than printing text documents. For normal documents, you need simple, blank printer paper, whereas for quality photographs you require proper photo printer paper. This specialised paper is designed purposely for high-quality graphics (more…)

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