Sublimation Transfer Paper - Printer For Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Transfer Paper - Printer For Sublimation Printing

sublimation transfer paper

The main sublimation large format printers are Epson Stylus Pro 4800,7800,9800, Mimaki JV4,JV22,JV33, Roland FP-740,FJ-745,Mutoh Viper 100,Valuejet,etc.Epson C series inkjet printers such as Epson C67,C79,C88,C90,R210,R230,R260 are mostly popular in sublimation inkjet printing. Working Procedure Features Of Heat Transfer Paper System

(1)You can make very small quantity but many different inquiries with easy.

(2) Cost savable business. No need to stock all materials. Only requires Computer, printer, sublimation ink, heat transfer machine and materials

(3) Easy to make money in shop. Printing and heat transfer time is very short

(4) Dye sublimation ink has very good brightness, good coolness and it's not easy to decolorized  


Printer :Normal desktop or large format printer which has dye sublimation ink

Ink: Dye sublimation ink is very special one. It can be durable heat up to 300C degrees.  

sublimation transfer paper


Printing by sublimation ink on the sublimation paper or other special paper Heat transfer After printing, you can put on the heat transfer machine and material what you want to use. In 40seconds or up to 3Minutes, you can get very nice print out. Normal temperature on the towel, clothes, T-shirts, etc. is only 40~45 seconds and recommend 190C degrees 

Basically dye sublimation ink cannot use on the 100% Cotton or natural materials. For example, To make heat transferred on T-Shirt, it has to be includes more than 50% of Cotton. Good cloths is 100% of polyester yarn. In addition, Always, heat transferring available on the coated materials such as coated steel, Coated aluminum, plastic and wood etc.

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