Sublimation Printing---a New High Tech Printing

                                         Sublimation Printing---a New High Tech Printing
    Printing is something that never get stop and earlier also we used huge printers, that thing is different earlier printing technologies was really poor. Earlier people don't have many options of raw printing material such as ink, paper, specialized printing machines, and technology etc due to which they would not able to get the vibrant and long lasting prints. Even the printing cost was so high, one cannot bear the small printing project due to high costing in which only rolls after rolls would get print at bearable cost. But now as we all are very much familiar about the fact that science and technology has been very much increased and gift us high tech printing raw material.Nowadays,the new high tech
printing---Sublimation Printing is popular all aound the world.Sublimation is the process by which ink is permanently embedded into a substrate such as plastic, metal, wood, cloth, ceramic, leather, etc.

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