Sublimation Transfer Paper For Ribbon Rotary Sublimation Machine

Sublimation Transfer Paper For  Ribbon Rotary Sublimation Machine

 ribbon rotary sublimation machine

As a sublimation transfer paper manufacturer or supplier,all of us should be supposed to understand the history of textile printing.Textile printing has needless to say been about for numerous years: in its contemporary form though it can be very unique from the woodcut prints of old. Modern day textiles might be printed making use of digital printers, which are correctlyinkjet printers whose modified technology makes it possible for the ink to be injected into the fabric (sublimation printing, literally the ink going in below the surface), or printed on top rated on the fibres.

Usage: all kinds of ribbon printing,roll to roll fabric printing,mouse pad printing,     

pillow printing and cloth piece garment printing etc.

ribbon rotary sublimation machine


Multifunctional: It can be print all kind of fabric.   

High performance:Apply the most advanced control system,rewind&unwind ribbon automatic   

Good printing: Consistent temperature,without any color error even in continuous transfer printing,   Thus to get a clear printing effect.


This machine issuitable for heatpressprinting of both roll materials and sheet materials as well as sublimation transfer of banners,flags, T-shirts, non-woven fabrics, apparel fabrics, towel, blankets, mouse pad, belts,ect. Beyond that,it particularly works wellon continuous transfer of cloth, which can meet the customers' needs of mass productuon

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