Fast Dry Heat Sublimation Transfer Printing Paper

Fast Dry Heat Sublimation Transfer Printing Paper

fast dry sublimation paper
Digital Heat Sublimation Transfer Printing Paper/Transfer Printing Paper/Transfer Paper/Heat Sublimation Transfer Printing Paper/Printng Paper/Fast Dry Heat Sublimation Transfer Printing Paper 

Range of Application: Chemical Fiber Fabric, Auxiliary Materials for Buildings (such as Pinch Plate, Glass, Tile and so on.), Metal Plate (such as Metal Photo, Mobile Phone Shell and etc.)

Noting: except chemical fiber, all the other materials are covered a layer of accepted layer on the transfer medium. When the ink is sublimed onto accepted layer, delicate design will be formed. The time on transfer printing with other materials, such as auxiliary materials for buildings and metal plate are very long.

sublimation transfer paper

 Application Condition: 180~220℃ transfer print with 20~30 seconds, different materials with different temperature and transfer print time, different materials with different transfer print pressure.

 Applicable Printers:Be applicable to all the domestic printer brands and overseas import brands. The import printers brands include: inkjet printers for Epson, Mutoh, Mimaki, Roland, MS, and etc..

Standard weight: 100g/m2±2%
Standard length: 100m / roll
Tube diameter: 76mm (3 inches)
Packing: inner film, outer carton
0.21m;0.30m;0.42m;0.48m; 0.61m; 0.914m;     1.118m; 1.3m; 1.6m; 1.62m; 1.80m special specifications can be customized 
Related Parameters for Products:
(1) 95% transfer rate (2) Weight: 100g/m2 ± 2% (3) Operating Humidity: 60% ~ 90% RH. 
Features: High pattern color reproduction degree and high brightness and high transfer rate, fast drying, no feeling, no heavy feeling.

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