100gsm High Tacky/Sticky Sublimation Paper for Jerseys and Sportswear

100gsm  High Tacky/Sticky Sublimation Paper for Jerseys  and Sportswear 

tacky sublimation paper

100GSM High Tacky/Sticker Sublimation Paper:

Instand dry, sticky;

It can suit for Lacra, Polyester with Spandex textile.because these kinds textile has the shrink, so easy to have double image. now we have the high tacky sublimation paper, when you heat transfer paper can stick on the textile. problem can not happend.

Tacky/Sticky Sublimation Transfer Paper

The high quality full sticky paper has an adequate volume of stickness on the whole paper surface which couples stably the fabric and sublimation paper while heat pressing process.The transfer process for our sublimation transfer paper

Photo quality, waterproof, instant dry 

Perfect color perspective and expression 

Use heat transfer machine to transfer the photo on fabric and other materials 

Suitable for sublimation ink 

OEM orders are accepted


(1)Print images by sublimation in on TAC paper and wait until ink is dry.

(2)Place the printed face on the textile, heat and press them by flat or roller heat machine under the temperature of 200°C to 220°C for 20s-25s. At this time our paper will stick on the textile.

(3)After heating, wait until paper and textile cooling and tear off the paper from the textile. You will fined the image is transferred to the textile clearly.
 tacky sublimation paper


(1)Make sure the ink of the image dry before doing the transfer.

(2)Do not leave TAC paper under high temperature environment before doing the transfer.Otherwise it will affect the viscosity of TAC paper.

(3)Different and humidity affects the viscosity of TAC paper. If paper sticks too fast on the cloth after printing, waiting 3-5 min or more until the cloth is totally cool and tearing.

(4)TAC paper can be used for transferring chemical fiber, blending textiles, especially for elastic textile.

 Storage:Please make sure to store TAC paper under the following requirement:Humidity: less than 70%.Avoid direct sunlight


Sublimation Transfer Paper for textiles,fabrics,mugs ceramics.

Specifications: 100gsm tacky Sublimation Transfer Paper In Roll 

Roll : 0.21m - 1.6m x 100m per roll 

Ink : Sublimation ink

Printer : Inkjet printer

Note: This paper must be printed by sublimation ink, Could not use on the 100% pure cotton textile.

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