The Effects of Sublimation Transfer Paper

                                                    The Effects of Sublimation Transfer Paper

    These papers have been used to transfer an image from one object to another. Usually in this type of printing specialized ink has been used name a dye sublimation ink in which CMYO color scheme has been used instead of CMYK due to which you will not find any black tone near around the image. Even the special printers are used for this type of printing such inkjet printers which reduce its printing cost and make the printing process more easy and convenient. You can get the desired prints on your desired fabric which has more than 70% polyester. The other type of material that can be used for this printing is ceramic tiles, mugs, plates etc. I think this paper can be used for customizing best gifts for your close ones. Like you can surprise your friend by gifting them personalized T-shirt on which you can print your and her photograph so that they will keep your gift for a long time.

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