90gsm Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper For Inkjet Printing

90gsm Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper For Inkjet Printing

90gsm sublimation transfer paper

Our company is mainly specialized in producing and sales of sublimation transfer paper. Fully meet different customer different demands 

TYPE: fast dry ,sticker ,normal 

Weight:45gsm,58gsm,80gsm,90gsm,100gsm sheet: a4/a3 

RollLength:100m,500m,1000m,2000m, 3000m, 5000m,7000m


Outstanding performance with continuously printing output and brilliant color 

Eliminating ghosting issue due to paper shifting and fabric shrinkage Ideal for sportwear, garment, banner and flag, sublimation mug manufacture etc.

90gsm sublimation transfer paper

Ink:sublimation ink 

Garms : 90gsm

Roll Size : 17",24",36",44",57",63",64"   and normal size can provided 100m,200m, 3000m, 5000m, 7000m for one roll

Dry speed : ≤40" 00

Temparature: 220℃ ±10℃/30s 

Transfer rate: 90-95% 

Ink compatilitib: Medium

Smoothness (FS/WS) : 5/20
Instant or fast dry and highest ink release

Work on all inkjet printers, by sublimation ink

Best color performance by over 95% transfer rate

Epson, Roland, Muton, Mimaki, MS, Klieverik


Instant or fast dry

Good flatness, overcome warpage

No wrinkle, no rub nozzle in printing

High transfer rate-over 95%

Ink compatibility

Stable quality

Note: The sublimation paper must be printed by specified sublimation ink, and cannot be applied in 100% cotton textile.


T-shirt/bag/pillowcase/mouse pad/puzzle/key ring/metal boatd/cap/mug/coffee mug/glass mug

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