The FAQ of sublimation transfer paper(2)

The FAQ of sublimation transfer paper(2)

sublimation transfer paper

2. The products which are suitable for us?
Common inkjet printer: Epson: C65、830u、R210、R310、R800、1520K、EX3、1290、2100、Lenovo:CJ100 and so on.
Wide-format inkjet printer: SURE COLOR F-series F6070 F7070 F6200 F7170 F9200 F6200 F7270 F6000 F7000 and so on;MIMAKI TS3 TS3OOP TS3-1600 TS34 JV33 JV300 JV4 JV5  and so on;Roland, Mutoh, MS and so on.

sublimation transfer paper
3. Should use special sublimation transfer ink?
Had better use the dye-sublimation transfer inkwhich is made by the dispersed dyes, under the transfer temperature the ink will produce sublimation and transfer to the substrate, good quality dye-sublimation ink not plug nozzles, color fidelity and  stability.

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