Dye Sublimation printing on Fabric, Textile

Dye Sublimation printing on Fabric, Textile

dye sublimation printing

Sublimation requires special sublimation paper for the sublimation inks to release properly when heated.  It is easy to mix up sublimation paper with normal paper as they are both white and feel very similar to one another.  Most standard sublimation papers are only coated on one side (however there are some that are coated on both sides). Practically any material that contains the necessary synthetic content can be printed
Anything from signage, automotive and marine upholstery, apparel, swimwear, high fashion, sporting uniforms, activewear, event promotional materials, interior design, fine art, photography display and an endless amount of others uses can take advantage of the superiority of our 8 colour, extremely crisp and vibrant printing process.

dye sublimation printing

Main uses are as follows:
1).Digital Textile Sublimation Printing

2).Digital Shoe Sublimation Sampling

3)Advertising Banner Sublimation Inkjet Printing

4)Umbrella Sublimation Inkjet Printing

5.Flag Sublimation Printing

6)Carpet Sublimation Inkjet Printing

7)Shopping Bag Sublimation Printing

8)Uniform Sublimation Transfer Printing

9)T-Shirt Sublimation Transfer Printing

10)Mouse Pad Sublimation Transfer Printing

11)Calender Sublimation Inkjet Printing

12)Key Ring Sublimation Inkjet Printing

13)Mug Sublimation Transfer Printing

14)Ceramic Plate Sublimation Printing

15)Glassware Sublimation Inkjet Printing

16)Wedding Photography Sublimation Output

17)Leather Product Sublimation Printing

18)Wood Product Sublimation Transfer Printing

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