which sublimation paper used for Epson’s Large Format printer

which sublimation paper used for Epson’s Large Format printer

dye sublimation printing

Nowadays, Large format printer have deeply penetrated into every link of printing output, by its combination of sophisticated printing technology.
And to some extent, the optimization and upgrade of large format printer is a beacon of the surging productivity.
 At “2016 Epson Innovation Days”, Epson launched two types of new large format printer, that is  64 inches Epson SureColor P20080 and 44 inches Epson SureColor P10080. As the ungraded version of Epson Stylus Pro11880C, they outstand in the digital sampling and fabrication of arts, with their high solution printing quality and high productivity.Also they can be applied in industries like high-end indoor advertisement, professional photography and CAD/GIS, to boost more values for them.
Print with high efficiency, Brilliantly translate the quantity and quality
With the market growing steadily, more and more users have a strong desire in pursuing high quality, more productivity and high profit margins with shorter printing time. Those are the new challenge for suppliers of large format printers, however it could also means an now opportunity for business. The new launched large format printer by Epson,Epson SureColor P20080/P10080, had made a groundbreaking move in printing speed. Based on Epson’s advanced Micro Piezo--PresionCoreMicroTFP. The piezo has been widdened to 2.64 inches by Epson,
which is 2.64 times wider than the previous printer. And now it is applied on P20080
And P10080. Under the accuracy of 600*600i, it can output an A1 size image within 90 seconds.More over, these two types printers have made a great achievement in processing data, and they shorten the pre-printing time, which tremendously enhance the efficiency. By all those perspectives, it is obvious that their productivity is 3.9 times of the previous ones, and they creates more values for users.
Accurate output and stable hardware configuration

dye sublimation printing
Besides, these two types of printer upgrade enormously in hardwares, back in old days, the printing quality can be greatly affected due to the emerge of wrincling media by uneven control in the process of printing. Under this circumstance, a new media supplying system is developed by Epson. The precision of printing has been enhanced by using new optical inspection system of paper feeding, through the camera system, the amount of paper feeding accurately feedback to printer.
In order to avoid the unstable situation of paper feeding, aiding feed-in rollers has been added, which increases the accuracy of paper feeding, and ensures the stability of output.

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