Sublimation Mirror Printing With Sublimation Paper

Sublimation Mirror Printing With Sublimation Paper

sublimation mirror

With sublimation transfer paper you must always mirror the design when printing.  It may seem like a backwards approach at first, but when you think through the production process it really does make sense. 
Remember that the image is only on the sublimation paper long enough to transfer it over to the substrate. Thus, asit leaves the surface of the paper and bonds to the substrate, the orientation of the final image will flip or “mirror” thatof how it was on the paper.  If you mirrored the image when you output it to the printer everything works out fine.
You actually create the image in your graphics program in the correct orientation – the flip comes when you outputfor printing. If you are using ArTainium, you will need to manually mirror it when you output to your printer.

sublimation printing
Mirroring is a simple detail, but it’s easy to forget when you are just starting out, especially since sublimation is prettymuch the only application that requires mirroring. But the first time you print something that is spelled backwards youwill understand why you need to mirror the image.

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