Sublimation Transfer Paper for Apparel/Garment/Clothing

Sublimation Transfer Paper for Apparel/Garment/Clothing

 dye sublimation paper

Sublimation transfer paper can be used for custom designs jersey,sportswear,bra,textile,garment, sportswear, t-shirt, bag with the characteristics of color clearly and vivid.espeically 100gsm high tacky sublimation transfer paper is the most suitable for sublimation sportswearsublimation printing.
T shirt with digital printing is  more elaborate on pattern and strengthen on the threedimensional
effect Compared with tranditional printing T-shirt,digital printing technology could also print many
pattrens which tranditional printing technology could not,as the complicated and  strict geometric
 patterns.Our company is professional sublimation paper manufacturer in China.We are mainly
dealing with 70/80g,100/120g Fast Dry Sublimation Paper,100g Medium/High Sticky Sublimation
Paper, Light/Dark T-shirt Transfer Paper, Dye Sublimation Ink.

sublimation transfer paper
Dye-sublimation printing is also called a digital printing technology using full color artwork that
works with polyester and polymer-coated substrates. Also referred to as digital sublimation, the
process is commonly used for decorating apparel, signs and banners, as well as novelty items
such as cell phone covers, plaques, coffee mugs, and other items with sublimation-friendly surfaces.
The process uses the science of sublimation, in which heat and pressure are applied to a solid,
turning it into a gas through an endothermic reaction without passing through the liquid phase.

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