The Application And Advantage Of Sublimation Paper

The Application And Advantage Of Sublimation Paper

sublimation transfer paper

Sublimation technology development and promotion, so personalized, small quantities of printing production possible, while also boosting the printing equipment, transfer equipment, stamping supplies such as further development of sublimation transfer paper. Sublimation is designed pattern using an ink jet printer, will have a pre-printed ink sublimation properties on dye-sublimation transfer paper, then the paper will be printed with a pattern of contact with the fabric, and around 200 ° C carried out at a temperature of thermal printing in sublimation ink sublimation paper sublimation at elevated temperatures, but penetrate into the fabric, after cooling sublimation ink fixation on the fabric to form a colorful vivid pattern. For sublimation transfer paper, the sublimation transfer rate is an important indicator to judge the quality of sublimation paper. Transfer rate, after the transfer pattern color more full, gorgeous, you can get a more realistic transfer efficiency, while the high transfer rate of sublimation paper reached basis can save expensive dye-sublimation transfer printing a predetermined density on ink

sublimation transfer paper


1).Apply for varieties production;

2).Simple craft, printout directly without plate-making, process short, save time and effort;

3).Making exquisite products, you can transfer your favorite pictures and images to full cottonand other textiles;

4).Can print characteristic T-shirts, hats, gym suits, sweater bags and many other things;

5).Has the color keep and repeated washing

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