Compare With Dye Ink, Pigment Ink And Sublimation Ink(2)

Compare With Dye Ink, Pigment Ink And Sublimation Ink(2)

dye sublimation ink

Pigment Based Inks
The defining characteristic that differentiates dye and pigment based giclee inks is the complexity and size of their ink particles. The dye "particle" is made up of one molecule while the pigment particle is made up of numerous molecules bonded together by extremely stable chemical bonds, creating a significantly larger particle measured to be .05-.20 micrometers. When comparing surface area and volume of a partice, the pigment's relatively small surface accounts for its resistance to photofading agents and chemical attack. Translated into english this means pigment inks have a better lightfastness and are less sensitive to humidity and environmental gases. Because pigments are water insoluble they are carefully displaced throughout the carrier most commonly by micro encapsulation, which encases each particle in resin. Dye based inks are water soluble and can become mobile in a high humidity environment, while pigment inks are water insoluble and immune to the adverse effects humidity can cause to dye based prints.

dye sublimation ink
Again the same attribute that makes pigmented inks so stable is also the characteristic that inhibits it in certain areas. Its larger particle size causes more light to be scattered resulting in a smaller gamut making some colors look muted or dull. This is most noticeable when trying to achieve rich reds. However this can be overcome with careful output, media and profile combinations. Pigment inks are also more susceptible to metamerism, which means the shifting of color under different lighting. As pigments inks continue to evolve this issue is becoming less and less noticeable. Due to the large particle size of pigmented inks they cannot simply "seep" into medias and require something to "attach" to, a inkjet receptor top coat, which, to the end user translates to higher media cost. When printing on canvas with pigment inks, use of a top coat, like Bulldog Ultra, is recommended for water proofing.

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